White Out

Dreams are made of moments that take chances. A flake that snows a day to glow. Mommy, daddy and auntie all in tow. Morning breakfast with eggs and cinnabons. Freezing pink cheeks and bright dark eyes smile.

These are the days that we cannot count. They leave us as quickly as they arrive. The door blows open and in walks time. He says hello let’s chat for a while. In his arms he holds such love. 

As he leaves he says to believe. That the days mean more when left. A different journey played a song today. It said let’s sleep in give seriousness the day off. 

My nephew waiting on the snow to arrive.


Mommy warm inside while the boys clean up.


Time to play in the snow and freeze our butts off.


Daddy at the top of the hill mommy ready to catch the snow bunny.


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