Lingering Leaves 

Success is not for everyone. The track is but a space to trace. Lace your feet with feelings moved. A reality that dawns a moments draw. 

Beauty is combing threw weeds of disbelief. It is the pretense that fears us on. Move on that notion that is foretold. Were you made for flight to mask the night. 

To step out and jump when others shiver cold. This life is not for everyone, it is for those who care to live on. Some take lives for granted, especially ones own. Only you can see what wonder means when flames grow out. Twinkle hope on this road that trips us known. 

I dream of myself in a beautiful hotel in Paris carrying wearing my spring collection dresses and learning about Haute couture from the artisans.



New fabrics for vintage elegance with a masculine twist.


Spring is near I can feel it in the trees.


Once upon a London night in covent garden. I miss this place.


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