Beauty Bound 

The need to fly off to another space. Is constant. Yet here I stand in Dorthy red shoes clicking. Thanking my lucky starts that took me back to where I belong. A drive away from hugs that walks of childhood realities. 

Parents aging and sisters who care, colleagues who make me laugh to fear that learns. Amazing treasure in people that I could not fathom. In this city that I always knew but never saw. 

Baltimore you underdog, how could I have not seen how stunning your eyes glow. I was looking to other shores. There you waited. Loving me even when I took off. The world cannot compare to what home holds.  

My little friend waiting for dinner.


Much of the adventure is exploration of the known. Looking deeper into the given and taking back what was thought lost.


My sisters and I carry each other’s hearts.


All the memories and dreams they light up the world .


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