Only One 

A dress does not come together with a single stitch. It is this on going process with circumstances of conditions. Working with a pattern must be amended and sometimes taken in. We can not expect that our first leap will keep.

It is a trial that errors on regret, let go and moving. There is also joy of laughter. Each adding and subtracting to that which matters.

Learning is as tranquil as we allow. How much in the pit of your heart are you in love with a dream? Will you stand at the bend and find the quest? Even when others wave off and turn the round about.

Researching archives about the Garment district at the Baltimore Museum of Industry library.



Was able to review the original notes from the Book : A Stitch in Time.


Image of my sewing classroom in London’s Marylebone area.


Needle Trade of Baltimore is dusty history. My passion for our city’s garment heritage.


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