Lovely Laughter

Journeys that ride out waves of crazy times. Press on, kick up dust. Sat at my nephew’s kid’s table drinking wine and having Chinese. He had milk and we played catch up on the week. 

I was meeting my mom for a swing dancing class. These are the days aren’t they? When the seconds shine on faces of open hearts. Still a baby with the cutest chubby legs, we created a Titanic dance. His new obsession watching the simulations of the sinking ship. 

The day before I stopped by and chatted with my sister. Brief moments easily lost as we forget how much they count. They are more than the long hours we run away from ourselves. Love is running toward the other.  

Little teddy bear showing me his dinasaur cards.


Piece of art reflecting Baltimore’s fashion past and present. Artist: April House


Love this picture from a London fashion show. Not mine just dreaming.


We are the future of Garment Manufacturing and inspiring business practices that make the world better.


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