Stand Staring 

Fashion moves and breaths. As much as the world attempts to write us off as superficial, I/we care about the imprint pressed on the labels that gaurd the world. I attend manufacturing events and talk. 

Listen and hear a world about machines, automation and the left behind people that create. I want to shout out to say, that it is the foolish imagination that brings to life dollar bills that fold love letters to lines without bottoms.

I press my lips that purse the truth that past passers only foolishly know. Fashion is not a gig that bits. It is a sting that fights and types on through our ordered disarray that makes no economic sense until mixed. Then the story is there. Smiling in the corner looking over an elegant shoulder. Eyes that are razor sharp-wishing you could stand beside her-this is fashion! beware…
Baltimore Museum of Industry sponsored by Baltimore Business Journal.


 Tokyo TV 

 Cheasapeake Bay Candle party favors  

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