Space Monkey

The last 10% that wins the game and saves the day. This is where I choke with doubt and shutdown. From school work, book writing, fashion collections and running. Built out these events with the University of Baltimore and now when the traction has caught the hook I wonder should I pull the real. 

Raise the dam so the water comes in. They say we fear success when it stands face to face. Hit go launch off and see what comes out on the other end. Bake the cake stay up late. This Sunday afternoon it is time to stand up to my silly doom. 

Trials are the errors that lead to direction. Grab hold hang tight to lift the hatch. Time to make space in the stars so desires can crawl. Rocks removed as earth looks on. We are dancing in the midnight that will forever glow this fright. 

New sewing supplies make me happy !


Breakfast wine, love the weekends.


Alexander McQueen book of inspiration. It looks with the heart.



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