Sew What 

Sewing has been a silly battle. I even managed to stab myself in the knee while cutting fabric. 3-stitches and 10 days later. I caused every problem possible with my machine whose name is Noir. 

My sewing is terrible, lines are off. I get distracted. I am mixed with the sounds that I took too long, I cannot catch up. Then I say forget it just sew. SEW SEW SEW! If that is what you want to do then do it.  

The moment is not gone, your hands can learn just stick with it. For once in your life make a true commitment. No turning back, changing mind to regret. Give it your all and learn. 

Business casual suiting for smart dressed dogs.

Looking at tweeds with dress shirts.


Noir I love my little machine.


Playing pandora helps to dj hours on the machine.


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