Tear Full 

A former professor and I discussed love after his retired days. Having read my book and the stories we have shared about adventure, he says, ‘you have to forgive yourself. Love sometimes doesn’t work out. At least not the way we plan in our mind’. 

I thought the sadness would pass. The guilt for being the one to walk away. For not fighting forever. The years pass and I walk not wanting to grab another hand. The tears I should have cried fall. 

I wipe away the memories and sew on. I am not hiding from love, just putting that muscle into a box for safe keeping. Sometimes I wonder if I have filled enough love up for all those years to last an entire life. 

Showing off my sister’s stylish dog clothes.


My sewing mate!


New bobbins from New York.


Helping to sew stylish business casual outfits for the JESmade line for my sister.


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