Rattle On

Tackle those dreams as if it were your job! Required to do those things you love and not leave it to misguided luck. It is not by accident one becomes a success. It is on purpose that they choose to keep it up. Rest if you must but do not forget. 

It is about something more than what you have been waiting for. It is about doing all those small steps that equate to a leap that becomes a boundless reason. You arrived here, why not make it count for something great?

For sure you get discouraged, depressed, puffy eyed and at times downright sick of it. Your passion will return and so will your hope. Press on, let go then hold on. Life comes around if you are willing to meet opportunity all the way.

  Our first London photoshoot circa 2013.

  Love this dress art and fashion. 
One of my inspiration boards from the traditional Balinese garment -kebaya. 


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