Force Out 

Had to clear out a lot of who I was, so that I can become who I want to be. We all have vises that we carry for so many years. Eventually what was the exception becomes the norm. Then we stand confused with what we hold in our hands. 

The ink is cast and we cannot rewind. We can wash our ways and unknot those ties that do not hold. We are not forever derailed from our dreams. Just need to shake out the alignment. Who says we can’t run the crossroads?

Strange becoming a new you, but it is far better than the old. It’s not the age or time that captivates, but the will that fires a no return policy. I am not the mistakes that had to be made. I am the result of the curse that was the cure. 

Exciting yet rather scary our next fashion business event has grown into a larger room.


Last event we had 60 people the RSVP so far is up to 130.


Love the red in this law school court room.


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