Why Wait

Believe in love even when you cannot. The world is full of goodness. The mind likes to lie you down to fear. Go back to days when the sky lit up with eyes. There is hope in those arms to embrace. 

Do not let the broken take away. Love is a dream, a passion and a dance. Love carries on in the walls of your heart. Fly with it and never let go. 

Ice melts to reveal seeds to feed. The sun glistens. The tree leaves burst through the hard storm. Blossoms for 2017 you are glorious! Thanks for joining us this day.  

Picture from 2013 influenced by the local Balinese dress shop.


Pages turn with the years.


Wearing a traditional balinese kebaya. Sarong is wrapped around the waist to complete the look.


Picture in the garden from 2013 when we first started filming.


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