Candid Candy 

Being more honest is liberating. We are in this life together. Helping a stranger who falls or giving a hand out once in a while. We are not separate perfect pieces to some box cut out. We are out of balance and ordered in a token of chance. 

We cannot assume that the day is but a day. In a breath it can all be washed away. Take the paper bag of mystery. Will your number be called? Give up the guess for regrets. 

Lift your eyes to heart level possibilities. You are a gift to the world. Can you not see that even in your lost state you give joy in your own way? Smile oh even when it hurts so much inside, smile so that someone else twinkles with hope. 

Most of the time I haven’t a clue when trying out new passions. I became fascinated with story telling through video content.


My book reading I had to sit down because my knees were shaking.


First media interview I mixed up my words.


I am always making mistakes. But I press on because eventually those mistakes will carry me to mastery.


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