Scaling Around 

Sometimes we haven’t a clue: what to write or even what to do? Worried to say the wrong thing or act too soon. Though what if we never start? Stuck in a limbo of could have beens. 

Can we untie the lace that has choked us still? Have we forgotten to play the chord that shivers real. Change as it may. We are a sight for happy eyes. 

Glad to make an acquaintance. Strip down naked to what you want. Stand in the mirror of regret, what can you carry without a wandering eye. What is it in you that remains true? Blink twice and see her standing by, take courage and fight for that love.

My little nephew and sister waiting in line to see Santa!


He was so proud that he did not cry this time.


I spent Christmas drinking wine and cutting fabrics.


My other nephew the furry one selling clothes in Colorado.


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