Silent Night

For the first time in a long time, I feel at ease. It took accepting it all yet fighting for what I needed to be me. Saying ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to me. I want to be alone on Christmas. Sounds weird but I do like my own company. 

To have a glass of wine, read a good book, cut fabrics and watch documentaries. Fortunate for me I spend quality time with family and friends on the days before and after. That way, I can busy myself with me. 

I used to want to fill the silence with sound. Now I find comfort in woodfire winter walks. My lungs expand at what feels like a twinkle of light. No more trying to be. Now it is a matter of letting the path flow past. One day I will ride the wild. 

Dress journeys take a while. From the idea to the fabric selection. Prototype to getting it right and then adding on details.


Seems that the fashion dream is as a broken heart that mends. Once I decide to love again then that is when the heart can sing.


Broken hearted by a dream is ok. This was our most popular dress called Holly. I know I will make again when the past leaves me to walk this path.


The Holly and Cecelia dresses. I still love them.


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