Living Life 

Eventually we figure it out. That is the journey to learning. Chaos is the plunge. If we carry too much we sink and lose power at the start. To change we must not bang our heads to the same mistake. 

To untangle from bomb ridden habits breeds restlessness. We’ve been up this tree stuck like a cat. Waiting to be rescued. Cats have 9 lives, stop waiting for a hero. Become that you that must crawl out. 

The shell is a dried former self. Your own chains cannot bind you if you agree. This year is complete. The new begins will you choose to start with what you’ve already got? The stars are in your heart. The beauty on your nose. Hands thank the day that you live. 

Rooftop hangout with a girlfriend. Those were the days in Bali 2014.


University photoshoot on the island around rice fields.


Sunset walks alone on the beach. Dancing with company in my dreams.


Always thinking and making that leads to creating. With some of my dresses of romance and lace.


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