Mistakes Made

If I were to hit pause and take stock in that which is my life, I can say that surprisingly so: this has been wonderful. Even in those trying moments when there wasn’t a chance of getting up. Somehow in someway we manage. 

The end is not complete without a beginning. I have been tough on myself like a parent expecting more. Never easing off the pressure. Saying, ‘one more lap or give it more than a best shot. Give it all. All that you’ve got’. Sometimes I want to scream at my own ambition. 

‘Leave me alone, I am sorted at normal. I don’t need more’. Then I look up from the step and then I shout, ‘fine ok let me try again’. Flipping pages and skipping to a melody that makes me chuckle at my own absurd challenges. It’s a game I play with no one else. Let’s go out and see what could happen.  

My cute housemates: sammy and lucas 🙂


Working on patterns for furry friends.


Reading sewing books.


Meeting with Baltimore fashion crew.


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