Turning Pages 

From left to right. That was how I would read my bookshelf. Usually I would take a book consume a chapter or two then put it back. So many books left untouched and more purchased. Always an excuse of time not had. 

No more of this game we play of not having. I am rich in many ways with ideas and ambition. Yet this weekend was mild mannered and nicely domestic. I played catch up with laundry and even scrubbed the bathroom. 

I had decided to be kind to myself and make daily living a pleasure. Reading books, sewing and clearing out space. We carry so much weight from yesterday. Made it a point to polish off the past. I am stronger than my will to look back, unless it is a happy memory. 

This is the room I would stay when I would escape the city and work on my book in Bali.


I would stay in an ashram to meditate and be still.


My outdoor shower .


Breakfast of fried rice overlooking a green field.


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