Laughing Looks

Get it out of you. Those words you have been meaning to say and those feelings left buried within. The tongue held can hurt. The heart is meant to be expressed. A longing lived and a kiss felt. Not in the fleeting but in the enduring. 

The years flutter by and eventually one must give in to let go. There is some mathematical equation for years together with a partner to how long it takes to get over that person. I cannot believe that in May 2017 it will be about 4 years to the day that I walked away from a 7 year love. 

I know it is silly not to date and live in a limbo state. I just thought in time I could become interested. Embarrassing to admit in a way, but I would totally be cool not to marry. Love is lovely but it can also be messy. At this stage I prefer a clean house for sewing and dancing.

Fashion inspiration for the morning.

I love these vintage 1920’s shoes.


Nice contrast delicate lace with dark trims and buttons.


Fashion illustration fun 🙂


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