Inconvenient Convenience

You just want to lean back, rest your head and let ‘it’ life play its tune. If only we could just stand and listen or sway when the rythm hits. That is not the way. We are active members of this carnival and if we do not spin the wheel we miss.

Sure there is shattered glass and choices that were better not made. But our mismatches are the crisscross of escape. We are not passengers to nowhere. Instead we are dreams undertaken. 

Chin up to that last punch and busy yourself. Idle days are fragrant lust. True desire is in the hustle that rustles leaves. Go out there and get hurt, I dare you. Just maybe you form into that invention. 


My furry nephew in Jesmade clothes.


To support me facing my fears my sister bought me this machine. His name is Noir and with him I have a glass of Pinot Noir to take my anxious edge. I know it is a joke that I am afraid to sew. I have bought several machines in my life. Dust collected as they stood neglected. This time I say it is different. Why because I have nothing left to lose.


Visiting an innovation lab called Open Works in Baltimore.


I miss my days in the sun and great new friends. The world waits as I must learn to create. My breath is half when I am not myself. There is magic in these days.


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