Cutting Patterns

Saw a kid walking through the cold on a busy street passed heated cars. I made a U-turn as I had gone the wrong way. I noticed him carrying an instrument case and a backpack. A strange giddiness filled me to see his determined stride. 

When starting new skills at the garment manufacturer I felt like a complete idiot, I still do but I am learning so much. I am facing my fears with the sewing machine and cutting fabrics for samples. 

I have learned how to source fabrics for clients and in a much faster pace than when I began. Now I see that the uncomfortable is ok and I better get used to it if I want to grow.   This is where the samples are made. 

   Production in the room next to my office.   My messy desk. 

Cutting Patterns for a client. Thankful to Claire and Mary for teaching me not to be afraid and to begin. 


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