Answering Questions 

When writing I cannot think too long on the emotion. Allowing the words take form and connect before spoken. I second guess the message, then it is gone evaporated. Why couldn’t I just let it be?

To glow is not through force. Nor is it constructed in some grand plot to rule the mind. It is merely a release of a bird held like a breath. We must try. Even if it feels no good. 

Nothing is to lose but the will. Stop looking at it. That pen. It has dried out from lack of use. Why aren’t you doing that thing that has been placed in your heart? Who cares if you don’t believe in you? Create anyway. 

 Singapore during Christmas time for a visa run in 2013.   

Birthday in California just before finishing my first book. 


Art Basel in Miami after finishing my Masters dissertation back in 2010.


Carrying my samples in London for our first Kickstarter campaign 2014. Shot in Notting Hill Westbourne Grove. 

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