No Clue 

Ever want to scream out the frustration of situations? Attempting to undo what has been knotted. So then where do you stand with this fueling that consumes? Rest, let go and then look again. What can you change within? 

Do it different this time. Eliminate the constraints and free time. Let loose. It’s not a big deal. Not really. The emotions want to make you confused, disheartened…lost. Trust the truth. Leave the rest for others to defend. 

Keep on carry strong. The burden is only that which you refuse to let go. It is closed the door. Locked tight. You cannot get in so go out of your circle. Rewind and remember why it was you wanted it so much. Keep it simple. 

Feels like a lifetime ago in Bali.


Miami Art Basel 2010


Deciding on my line at the workshop in Bali 2013-2014.

Old picture in Ellicott city  


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