Freak Out 

Who says that squeeze wasn’t meant to be? Were you standing too long on the track. Did you forget to move when meant to dance. Frustration is great! It makes you so irritated that you must create. Move change. Do something. 

How long to we drive? Coasting and wondering. Accepting and plotting? Where are those dreams tucked between forever laters. I am not him, her, or whoever. Then who are you? Where is the push that takes you off the ledge. 

Not once twice or however many times. Do it. You know what is required. Stop lazing yourself to the ground. You got this if you would start. Type it! One word that leads to a sentence that builds onto the book. Go on and be awesome :). You just might surprise yourself.  

Beautiful present from a former Professor from Japan on my bed.


Ornate decor inspiration from a rug. That I could draw into lace.


Sewing machine hunt! l My sister has the same one in white.


Samples at work for custom printing for a client. Rather sweet how the print is on the beach.


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