Wonderful Why

My first collection was confusing. I had no clue. When I felt insecure the only thing I could do was think and think and over think. About to talk myself out of it, I went to the shop and bought 6 fabrics. From there I sketched. Then patterns and prototypes were made. 

The process continued with corrections and resamples. Until it was just right. To create beauty we dream with hardwork. The hours our hearts they mix in the pot. Life bakes our mistakes and wonder steps in. We dance our security to the door. You have to believe! In you.

Even without the markers of acceptance won, be you. No one can decide the future of your imagination realized. It is consistently courageous to weather the why’s? No one else can count these days as their own so make a move…jump in to your dreams. 

Original sketches for the first Elsa Fitzgerald Collection. 
  The fabrics I selected in Bali. 

Playing with lace appliqué.  

 Cutting and pinning in place. 
 The work in progress in the bali workshop. It’s amazing what you accomplish if you stick with it. 

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