Mid Night 

Sometimes it seems beyond us. That dream we wish to achieve. As if we are fooling around with impossibility. We haven’t a clue. How to get to the other side? Yet we cross barriers. 

Sometimes we take on massive blows to the remains. We become a bit more kind and eventually listen. Talking wears us thin. So we are silent. Then we know. Go on why don’t you. 

I know you will fall. Regardless begin. Begin and begin until it is a loss. Recover and press on. You are not wrong just because you lost. You were breaking in new shoes. In time your life will fit.  

Bali is always there waiting for me to return, but my heart tugs me along on another path these days.


Adventure is not just in paradise it is between the gaps of our leaps.

Get on a motorbike and go! Traded the bike for the winter cold and city lights.


Archives from my fashion dreams. This time when I make a collection it will be from my own hands.


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