Love Lashes 

If only the path were straight and obvious. We could appear as if we have it all together. Regardless of planning and order life doesn’t follow instruction. He has his own tale telling. It can be frustrating and daunting. 

Though I just wipe the board clean and figure out where to begin. Creating a path between the mess to clean up. Sometimes we can catch the glass before it falls, but there are times when we do not see before gorging a foot in it. 

I have done this literally. I could have thought back and changed the circumstance, but the outcome would remain. Hiccups for headaches. Take it all. It is in the fall that we walk. Back to a place where we have been. Only then can we see the mistake that was made. Then what? Repeat or change? Who will I be today? Surely not my yesterday. 

Visiting cute shops in Old Ellicott City


We look like we are on a ski holiday. From Bali to Baltimore.


Moved in to my new room with my Bali buddy here. I made an art corner to remind me to create.


If you don’t already know I am obssessed with books. Mix of: fashion, business and law.


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