Thankful Ness

Hold it right there. Freeze and see how great you’ve got it. We stand around pulling the thread that is meant to be woven. Picking apart pieces that form our lives. We got it easy. In so many ways. These buzzing fleas are pretend. We cannot change circumstance. Moving with the windows that glide us. 

New planes of never let goes. Dreams held tight should be free to glow. Eyes twinkle with stores wanting to riddle. Take the fiddle and sing on. Alone is stone but with a friend is gold. Hug the fear until she cannot stand in. 

Today thank the hardship for the hero it has folded. Neatly packed suitcase to venture on to that next base. You got it pretty little thing. Stop fretting that head. Today lets eat and be glad that we made it through storms. Life is life as someone dear once said. Smile from your heart always and forever be laughter.  

Baltimore Fashion Renaissance was a great success. Promoting : Art, Fashion and Social Projects.


Fly dressed attendees and new friends always a blessing.


Buy art to support a great cause: follow the link auction ends christmas day.


Window reveal at the nonprofit on 223 W Lexington street.


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