Little Girl

I want to go back to who I was before all the illusions of grandeur. Little Stacy from pigtown. Bossy know it all without a clue. Nothing to wear but a few garments handed down. Running in alleys of city streets.

Nothing refined, just a miss nobody with only one friend. Well ok add two more for her sisters. She would run and run and run. Then jump as high as her hands could achieve.

She waited long hours after soccer practice. Down the block from school. All the kids had gone home when her mother arrived. She ran cross country and won a turkey. She wanted something but back then it was all just pretend.  

My elementary school George Washington.


My childhood home in the city 803 W Cross Street.


I now work only 1 minute from where I grew up. The world is interesting.


We would play kick ball in the parking lot of this beautiful church.

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