Captive Creation 

Entrepreneur events left and right celebrating global entrepreneurship week. I wanted to tell them the challenge that is not so pretty, but I decided we must all cross that passage. 

I hate it, I love it and cannot live without it. This addiction to become all that which is not. To achieve that which is impossible. It is so romantic. Beyond wildest of imaginations. 

I want to grab this dog dragging dream and say. You almost had me. But I am not going anywhere. I love you. I love you. No matter how many times you attempt to scare me. I am not leaving. It is you and me until some end. Life, death let’s aim for happiness?  

Working on an exciting art project in the city.


Meeting inspiring local talent.


Helping with an entrepreneur pitch competition.


Hosting a fashion business talk at the law school with an amazing panel of fashion industry entrepreneurs.


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