Catch Me

Just keep going, when life is falling apart. Just keep believing, when your heart is shaking. Just keep knowing that it is worth it. Because it truly is! Especially when sinking you must swim. Do not let it crash you. Let it make you. 

Stronger than your fear, stronger than your desire to give up, stronger than the tears. Storms are as they are coming in out and lives. Trapping doors meant to open. Forget the rainbows of sorrow. They are together our tomorrow. 

Dream often and walk faster. Slow down for a while. Grab a hand and chuckle at something simple. Thank the whatevers that change to forever. You got this. It’s never too late to create if you do not wait. Life’s cracks fill in the spaces for us to leap far beyond normalities reach.  

Dreaming of an artist studio.


Love the exposed brick in true baltimore style.


Early Sunday mornings putting out fliers for an event.


Its work each part. Dreams take time if we commit.


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