Fairly Vanity 

I rarely wear makeup even when my skin is broken out. I do not want to mask it. I am aging and time is passing. I know I have wrinkles and my youth is passing. That is fine by me. The person that I feel is me is all I need. 

Can they see? Beauty is not in mascara or even in a well lined lip. I have known since I was young that my youth is not to be won. What is left that I leave behind? I want it to be a smile that left impressions on hearts. 

I have been fighting my own denial of beauty. It is not in my hands or my feet. It is in words written through ears that hear. I hope that beauty that is noted isn’t beauty at all. Let it be that character that strengthens on.

On my 30th birthday I climbed a volcano through the wake of night.


Guided by a woman who knew the passage.


We made it to the top in record time. First ones ahead of the boys.


I sat there dusty and cold, but with a smile that was worth more than gold.


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