Wondering Wanderer

Not sure if words are enough to mark the significance of a single run. Together we imagined a crossing around an island by foot. Without adequate training or thought for the pain. We packed up our kit.

Friends joined us on certain legs, but it was in the most challenging times we had to go it alone. It was dangerous as Sara and I crossed in the darkness on roads without support. When she had to stop due to injury we stood cold. 

We always want our journey to finish at the line we decide in our mind. There is a path we cannot understand. It is only with our intention and action do we say yes. It is not about escaping but racing to the beat that screams our hearts plea for meaning. Did I matter, did I exist in this moment to live a dream.  

Didn’t know then but my shoes were too small. Blisters covered my feet on day one.


It was hot and we were tired my happy face remained just for one day. The rest was pain and pleasure in a strange combination.


The ladies brought us their hearts and ran with us to keep the pace. so greatful.


This girl my running mate the fierces girl I know! With each night I decided to give up and in the morning she asked if we would just give it a try.


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