Morning Rise 

Tonight I thought of love. Watching the glorious moon. I smiled thinking of how madly I have fallen. It is not often that I make a way but when I know there is a chance then I let go of hesitation and pretense. 

I am not one to be convinced when it comes to knowing. NO means no I am not interested in entertaining false feelings. I would rather be on my own than with someone who is not right. 

The truth is I know my dad and mom are concerned that I will not connect. Secretly deep down I fancy the idea of not being attached. Who says a girl has to marry because she is a girl. I have no obligation to fall in love. If I do I do if I don’t I don’t. It is really much the same. The moon is just as brilliant with or without love.  

I played the part of the loving girlfriend who would throw lavish parties.


These leaves were gathered from hyde park and book pressed before making the runner. I hand carved the baby pumpkins for candles. Dry pressed the oranges for name plates. Not to mention baking 4 pies from scratch , cooking for 17 people a feast.


Life was much easier back then in some ways. Dressing up for parties and going on holiday. I am blessed to have loved with all my heart.


Brunch for a friend at our old flat in Kensington. I do love to cook so I will have to just make smaller portions.


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