Woman Zone

Grabbing the keys I ran out the door. This night I watched the moon. The willow weeped. I followed a drive. Found myself at a fabric store about to close. 

I combed each aisle identifying strings of brands and bobbin sizes. I read the details in sewing books. I finished the night with a bottle of noir. Dad and I watched a film about Queen Elizabeth. 

A girl became a woman. To be composed, wise and strong. For now I am curious, critical and beyond passionate. I like this girl the one in the mirror. Most important she doesn’t mind the work. Tipping the hat, I note ‘carry on my dear, you will make it through your war’.  

The one and only constant have been my sisters.


A great smile is the greatest gift genetics gave to the world. Warm eyes and kind hearts cannot lie.


Together apart in different worlds, broken hearts and silenced calls somehow we find our way home.


Love is the gift that always gives even when sadness floods our tears. Time returns hearing to many years.


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