Wooden Lake

I want to break up the line and freak out a bit. Back to back transitions driving me mad. That is a foolish thought to run into a forest and scream as loud as possible. What would it matter anyway? The events do not change and neither will I. 

Unless I grab action by the face and shout clearly words that gesture to get out. All the procrastination, self-doubt and laziness. All of you, I point with a stern thumbs down. You will not derail this train set on course for who knows where. 

I stare out the window with my hair flipping the glass, not realizing my head is whipped by the winds. It’s fine, stop checking, we will get there eventually. Settle down, crack open that book. With patience comes patience. Look at that! We are here. What was all that fretting about? 

After the hour and half drive to work, I found 30 minutes to take a walk by the lake.


The fall season has arrived.


Bending over to take the best shot, but really she is pretty at every angle.


So the day begins with a lovely spin.


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