Chances Cultivated

The dividing bridge between the known and unknown. The cursor blinks white asking, ‘what’s next’. Looking around a chill fills the night howl. I point out somewhere in distances found. ‘There right there is the place’. ‘Dear lady, we mustn’t go yonder’.

The sign reads beware and have fear. Many have failed at this crossing. Around lay shipwrecks of abandoned dreams. I sternly take the wheel and shout out draw the sails up. It is for this flight that we must fight. The deck rattles as the mates take their place. 

The lost turns his head in dismay. If you want the ordinary take the canoe onto a lake and sit still. I know it breaks me and takes me along to spirally ways, but for goodness sakes we have to venture on. We know the path that is the way. It’s just our hesitation compounds to years.    

A few years back my sister visited London . Despite the rain we packed a picnic.


We drank our wine and ate nice sandwiches at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew. It turned out to be one of my best memories.


Sometimes it is in the coldest of places that we can find joy.


The sun eventually came up that day and the rain dried up. What if we had stayed home and never ventured out? What a glorious day we would have missed.



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