Magical Mystery

Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. Maybe it could be seen as traumatic or perhaps it is the exact measure required for a shift. I’ve moved to York, Pa. Seems to be the case these days, adjusting course and finding another way. 

I tell myself, ‘just keep moving’. Leave behind those parts that do not serve. In trying times there is always a reason: a purpose for the pain. 

Strength does not come from perfection. Look deep within to remember that you are not this moment. This moment is only a part of the process. Wipe away the obstacles and tackle your spirit to stay faithful to your dreams.  

Random pictures my sister found when moving house of me as a girl.


Old image of my sister and I in Bali, the dress was so pretty I had to try it on.


I miss my morning beach runs in Bali.


Despite missing this moment I am excited for the next.


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