Silly Stories 

Meaning to do a great many things: cook my mom a meal, mail out cards to friends. There is time as I make it today. Instead of worry and fussing to myself with endless thoughts, I make a cup of green tea. 

I had a long day working two part-time jobs back to back. Just so I could have two free days. The crazy thing is I woke up refreshed. Energized not to waste. I pulled out the ingredients and cooked a warm meal for mom. 

Next I will go scavaging my paperwork to find cards and books I should have sent out ages ago. Off to the post office without a grumble. No tiring myself out with reason why not. Be kind is my message for the day: to myself and those I take for granted. 

* Many years ago my friend May and I had the idea to make a dog club for our two little furry girl. We would meet at Kensington Palace and chat, laugh and enjoy the day. Some ideas don’t need to make sense they can just make you smile.  

Darcy on the left with Zavia on the right.


It is amazing how quickly the group grew.


Darcy the Diva and her birthday party.


Zavia unfortunately dashed out the door and pooped in the hall! tummy ache from the sweet.


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