Path On 

What if I never went back? If I never took that chance? We know because I did go. It worked out and then it didn’t. It’s not about the perfect end to a beginning. It is about trusting that the step we take is worth the falls. It’s the going beyond the doubts and questions. 

Roadmaps are drawn in our hand. As the chances pass a new course is asked. You decide. Is it left or right or down the windy? Sadness, laughter and anger stand at the wheel. We forgive and we regret. Above all we are here. 

Travel all, one or for none. Looking back, looking forward is a nuisance for those waiting behind. We want to shout ‘get on with it’. The plunge is scary at the ledge. Someone from behind yells, move out of the way and boldly charges where none have before.  

Birthday in california circa age 31.


Leaving Bali in 2013 to go to England and Ireland.


I miss my studio.


Wedding of dear friends in the English countryside.


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