Fan Affair 

Laying in bed staring at mistakes, go deeper into that space.Face them. Where have you gone wrong? What within yourself and actions needs changing to strengthen the soft spaces that need hardening? Yet what hard spaces need softening?

No running this time, not away. Rather stay with that which is you. Those closet stories in history of skipping rope trip only if you forget to leap. Lift the shoulders up and back, expand your chest and breath. 

You are not the failures, you are the calm that endures. No tricks no display. Wipe the desk of the mess. Spray it down nice and clean. Rip out the old scratchy pages. Dip the pen wet and press down. Feather tickling the nose laugh at the joke you have played on yourself and go.  

My sister and I last year after a photoshoot.


It is easy to forget our accomplishments when lost in the mix. Go back and give yourself a pat on the back.


Don’t forget those great ideas and inspiring people you meet along the way.


Be that which is in your heart. Even if the bag falls open and you must start again. Who cares GO for it. Learn the lesson the pain is enforcing.


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