Darling Day 

The stillness can be heart wrenching. Wondering what comes next. Filling that space with activity. I have chipped away at the wall that was so tall. Curious to see what is underneath? Longing for the odd discomfort. 

A flattened belly does not tell. Who is this girl I have known for so many years? What mistakes can be grown? The sail lays low. The boat is not parked just coasting. The storms come and go as they may, but it is with these winds that carry us. 

My skin is salty and I hang on. The voyage is but a vector. I should be frightened, yet a calm resides. We have been through trials that tribulate. Be ok with this. This is the step that teaches you to be dear.  

My first volcano climb a few years ago.


There is something amazing about the challenge and beauty of the terrain.




View over lunch after the climb.


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