Floral Friendships 

You are never the same after knowing them as in a way they carry mirrors. Through their eyes you see yourself: where you have been and where you would like to go. They are your journey mates at times coming in and out like the wind. 

We move through places and faces but we never forget the memories of wine filled laughter and childish escapes. Regardless of those city you will find those special people and they to you. Drawn by a sort of destiny helping each other along the way. 

Thank you to the friends that have walked along this road. You have been what makes the dark days light and the light days gold. Looking forward to when we meet again, who knows what this movie has in store.  

We met at fashion school Mallory and enjoyed wonderful summers exploring london gardens.


Alicia my roommate and sustainable fashion influencer.


Flora suggested the idea of the masters program and is back to Paris for more fashion dreams coming true.


Eliza and I during our Masters campaigning for entrepreneurship through practice.


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