66 Miles 

By mile 20 I thought to just turn around. I was tired and had pushed too hard at the start. Instead I decided to have lunch and then keep going. The last two times we cycled I would lose my confidence and fall far behind my cycle mate. By mile 33 there was no turning back, so we road on. 

Whenever I got tired and began those spirally thoughts, I put on a higher gear and combed my legs around the pedal. I wouldn’t allow the mind to defeat the ride. I wake up this morning a bit sore, but man am I happy to have kept going.

‘We made it’, I say after every time. Going into it, I do not think it is possible. Do not sell yourself short because if you never go, you will never know. 

The trail looked like a beautiful english countryside.


Look who we ran into on the trail.


The best rest stop with my sister, Preston and Aaron.


We were able to celebrate Aaron’s birthday together.


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