Stepping Between

All these rules we walk along. What if we followed that trail to lands end? What would be found? Instead we detour and went so many ways guided by those pretending to care.

In a city without a map became a chase that was a mistake. Loving the wrong man, turning left when we knew it should have been right. Take off the filter, the color is rich. Pretend not for who you aren’t and be that quirk that makes you stutter.

Bumping into walls and tripping on strings. We are the less that could have been more if we chose to listen. That child within never forgot to play, but you have to break open that pen. Write and do that which will always be you.

Circa Bali 2013 dreamland beach at sunset.


Then off we went into the night through a cave to a beach party.


Dancing for hours in shorts and a bikini top.


Much needed escape for the girls who create.


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