Sneak Away 

For the first time in a long time, I didn’t chase a schedule. I broke routine and U-turned to a museum near my sister’s house. I had passed it so many times saying, one day I will visit. Last time I entered those doors was age 5 during a school trip. 

It was 2pm and they were closing at 4. I bought my ticket and sat in the mini theater taking notes as I had done many years away in fashion school. I walked around historic impressions of Baltimore city. I came specifically for the garment fashion industry exhibit. 

After a lovely solo tour I spoke to the front desk about archive information and she passed on a card. We had a chat and then I was out facing the harbor. To my surprise I only spent 1 hour followed by a 15 minute gaze into a hidden koi pond. Maybe these cheeky escapes can fit into everyday. 

Articles on the wall at the Museum of Industry


Museum theater all to myself :).


Oh I loved this room so much.


Baltimore was once a hub for menswear fashion.


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