Sunny Smiles 

Whenever a milestone is reached there seems to be a standstill. There is a beautiful dress that I designed for a lovely dear friend. At the point when I should push I wish to retreat. Not in giving up but in self-preservation. I have turned down senior jobs in fashion houses. 

Instead I have taken on entry level work that makes me happy. A fellowship working in a community development project, indie bookshop where I flip through art and soon to start at a fabric and sewing shop. Yes I know I have …., but maybe it is time to shift into a lower gear. Only do those things that make my heart. 

Listening to jazz, smelling the air, putting on red lips and lining dark eyes. I smile in the mirror on a lunch break. There she is :). That youthful flutter that once discovered a happiness for many. A job is not you, it is what you do in that place that is work.  

Elsa Fitzgerald Bridal Shoes


My fav image of dear Joan in Greece. The custom designed Elsa Fitzgerald dress.


Walking into the sunset arm to heart.


Love is everywhere 🙂


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