Time Tales 

Total freak out moment happened when I expected the fabric to become a suit in one afternoon. I felt overwhelmed and confused working myself out of breath. After the night run I did my headstand seamlessly as I had done early that afternoon. When I think back to my early days, a headstand started in small steps.

First sizing the distance between the shoulders, finding the nestled rest between my skull bone and then there was the structured movements to follow in order to get up. Some look at headstands and think it is an automatic tackle. When in fact it is a mix of fear and practice. The more you try the stronger you get. 

Above all else you have to believe that one day you will succeed. It only took me a week to get the headstand. I refused the wall and practiced over many falls. I remind myself that in sewing there are steps to follow and rules of training that cannot be broken. I fold my fabric away and will start again to play.  

A strong core can take you a long way.


It is not a kick up but a contolled pull up with your legs.


Before releasing my legs up I kept them folded to the butt until I could find my balance.


Picnic with mom and my nephew Preston.


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