Leave Me 

These past three years have been the greatest adventures. Something now calls for simplicity. A slowdown, time for myself and less stimulate. The pressure to perform for an audience of none left me depleted. Running a track without a gate that was a schedule no rabbit can date.

People pleasing and filling days with a schedule bursting out. Unapologetic I say no to invitations. Let’s go for a drink, dinner or maybe just hang out. They increase like unanswered mail tossed in the closet. I do not want that way. Playing a tape that I know too well. 

I turn 33 next month and have started the process of growing up. I don’t want to drive fast or bounce between countries. At least for a little while I want to be a book worm exploring curiosity. The light stays where we leave it. Let’s now pursue paradise in everyday.  

On the beach at night a club in Bali.


I do miss the fresh food for cooking.


Bright an early the grocery store arrives.


The girls off to a traditional Balinese wedding.


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