Creative Calling 

How to awaken the artist within? We kill that self with logic. The girl that wants to run in fields and swim far out to sea. I have taken on a few part-time jobs to balance the spirit that needs to blossom. Money has bought my silence for most of my life. The need for title and prestige. 

Though what I desire most of all is to dice fear into pieces. I buy books, take notes but damnit everytime I stand up to talk it is gone. My voice. There is always something more important.

I shelf that dream through numerous projects and helping others. Then I frustrate when it slips like water between fingertips. Face the uncomfortable and see what is possible. Julia Child was 37 before she learned her life’s passion. Stop running away from yourself, prolonged pain leads to regret revived. 


I am surrounded by artist inspiration. Yet I have procrastinated to this end to create. It is a feeling that leads me to stone.


Fashion and sewing books rest with dusted backs without a jacket.


Though I am clear of my era and style 1920’s Jazz Age Art Deco.


Left my machine in Indonesia and to start I clean off my mom’s old sewing machine.


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